Word Traffic Court

Alphabet Story

“How does this sound? I read aloud my newest blog entry to my husband.  “I know the syntax isn’t exactly correct.”

“That’s so,” he said.  “Sounds a little off.”

“Hey, I’m using poetic license,” I said in my defense.

“Ah, if that’s the case, I think they should take away your license.”

As I  edit my latest work in progress, ( patting myself on the back at reaching close to 50,000 words) it looms large about how much poetic license I can take and yet adhere to the rules I learned so long ago. (The decade being the ’50s when learning to diagram sentences was a requirement)   I made an A in grammar, by the way, but  does being a stickler about all that make for interesting writing? I am leaning toward the view that although correct use of syntax is important, it is not  necessary to adhere in all…

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