Words (February ’14)

Are you having fun yet?

riposte ri-POHST, noun :

1. a quick, sharp return in speech or action; counterstroke: a brilliant riposte to an insult.

banal buh-NAL, -NAHL, BEYN-l, adjective:

devoid of freshness or originality; hackneyed; trite: a banal and sophomoric treatment of courage on the frontier.

perspicuous per-SPIK-yoo-uhs, adjective:

1. clearly expressed or presented; lucid.
2. perspicacious.

This perspicuous presentation makes possible that understanding which consists just.
— Iris Murdoch, Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals, 1992

litigious li-TIJ-uhs, adjective:

1. inclined to dispute or disagree; argumentative.
2. of or pertaining to litigation.
3. excessively or readily inclined to litigate: a litigious person.

misology mi-SOL-uh-jee, mahy-, noun:

distrust or hatred of reason or reasoning.

The ultimate consequence of misology is a kind of self-destruction in which what is destroyed is that aspect of the self represented by active reason.
— David A. White, Myth and…

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