A Celebr “-ATION” of French Nouns

French in DC

Today’s French concept is quite useful and one of my personal favorites. Now, I don’t advocate for being lazy when it comes to learning a language but I do appreciate a good shortcut to make things easier. Let’s explore how most English “-ATION” nouns convert to French easily (with some minor accent and spelling changes). But that’s not all, folks, because all French “-ATION” nouns are feminine so you don’t have to worry about gender.  Formidable!


  • Most English words ending in “-ATION” convert to French with minimal or no changes in spelling
  • All French nouns ending in “-ATION” are feminine
  • Removing the suffix and replacing it with “-É” gives us the verb in passé composé for most nouns


Remember, although most of these English nouns transition without any changes, some words may need accents and/or letter changes here-and-there.

I’ve provided an example list of French nouns below – let…

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