Christ before Pilate: the Rossano Gospels

A Workbook of New Testament Greek

Below is one of the illuminations from the Rossano Gospels, which I find quite beautiful. The scene is Christ before Pilate.

Jesus before Pilate Rossano Gospels

I’ve spent some time looking at the writing above the picture, and I’m wondering if it is a description of the scene rather than part of the New Testament itself.  Part of the first line seems to read (changing into lowercase Greek typescript for readability):

       Πιλατος οτι εκ της εξουσιας Ηρωδου εστιν ανεπεμψεν αυτο

       Pilate that under the authority of Herod he is he sent him

I.e., Pilate, knowing that Jesus was within Herod’s jurisdiction, sent him to Herod.

The wording is very similar to Luke 23:7, but not quite identical; it’s perfectly possible, of course, that this is a variant of which I am unaware.  The other problem is that the gospel of Luke is not part of the Rossano Gospels – although presumably…

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