Diagramming sentences with a linking verb

A Workbook of New Testament Greek

The most common such verb in koine Greek is, of course, εἰμί, but γίνομαι (‘I become’), ὑπάρχω (‘I begin to be, I exist’, ‘there is’ in the impersonal use) and καλέω (‘I call’) can also be used as linking verbs.

A sentence with a linking verb is diagrammed as below.  A vertical line separates the subject and verb, and a second slanted line sets off the predicate nominative.

linking verb 1Here are two examples from the New Testament:

linking 2————————

linking 3As mentioned in an earlier post, sentences can be long and complicated, and a diagram will reflect this.  Here, for example, is a sentence from the United States Constitution (Amendment 5):

diagram constitutionTo which one can only say – good grief.  I can find no similar examples of a Greek sentence (koine or otherwise) from the internet, but would be happy to hear of one.  In the meantime, the Greek examples given above illustrate only one…

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