Pouvoir: Another POWER packed French verb

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Pouvoir:  A French Power Verb

Using the verb «pouvoir» in the present, passé composé, and imperfect is so simple.  Once you memorize those three little tenses, you can do so much with this verb.  You’ll be speaking so much more French, you’ll see!  You’re going to be amazed.

Below the video (all the way at the bottom of this page) you will see all of the examples I use in the video lesson.  I’ve made a «Quizlet» study set to help you (or your students) practice and master the conjugations of «pouvoir» in three tenses, and all of the following examples are also part of the set.  By joining my free Quizlet class, you will gain access to flashcards, games, and quizzes specifically designed to accompany my video lessons. There are 6 different activities for you to study on your own, from anywhere. I think it will make a huge…

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